Thursday, December 4, 2008

39 Week Check-Up!

Today I met with Amy. This blog will be rather boring because, well, my appointment was rather boring. I am still at 2cm, my cervix is thinner than last week (I, however, am not) and while he could come at any time there are no signs that BH arrival is imminent.
I did receive the results of my biometric screening, apparently I am overweight with high cholesterol :) No, not really, just very pregnant. All the numbers are just right for someone who is nine months prego. We will see what they (Jeremiah's company and our insurance) say! I have been trying to walk in the afternoons and have been drinking the Raspberry Leaf Tea, but I'm not feeling fed up with pregnancy yet. I think this sweet little person will come whenever he is good and ready!
As an update, thank you for the prayers that Jeremiah and my mother-in-law would get better, they are almost over the cold. I am just starting to get it but am trying to stay healthy!


Sarah said...

Come on Moses! (Just trying it out) :) Keep trucking! Sorry the baking didn't work! Maybe he'll come tomorrow and give you the weekend before Miah has to use any vacation days!