Saturday, November 14, 2009

The house, the house, OH the house.

This post has been modified to help those iphone viewers out there read it. Let me know if it helps!!
We are so, so close to being done. Every week something comes up that postpones our move in date just a little bit. Whether it be a snow storm up north that delays the shipment of our dryer or a hold up with the gas company that could delay our move in date at much as 6 weeks, each day holds something new and we are forced to be patient! After all, we can't move into a house without heat in the middle of November with an 11 month old. Here is what the next few days hold:
Today/Saturday: the electrician finishes up and Jeremiah works on fixing our neighbors rocks that were "disturbed" during building
Sunday: Jeremiah tackles what he calls the "honey-do list".. although "honey" only put one of the bazillion tasks on that list :)
Monday: the painters come and we have an electrical inspection; we should find out when the gas company can run the yard line - we're crossing our fingers that it won't be in 6 weeks!
Tuesday: the painters finish up
Wednesday: fridge, washer and dryer are delivered and installed (3+ weeks behind schedule)
The good news is that the county said we can begin to move things in before we get our certificate of occupancy. I hope to get things cleaned up and begin things like filling the linen closets and putting glasses and plates away in the cabinets. Jeremiah wants to organize the garage and get his work space functional. He hopes to make our dining room table and is anxious to get going. Kat has agreed to make our shades for the bedrooms (I offered to help, but who am I kidding, sewing and I aren't exactly BFF's), and I am busy looking for furniture to fill our space! We are so close!


Anonymous said...

Sue...I'm lame and I read your blog from my phone now... Translation: I can't really read it b/c my screen is I was wondering...can you make your font bigger? Lame, I know...

Anonymous said...

GUESS WHAT?!?? Alex showed me how to zoom in on web pages so you can change your font back if you want...but only if you want to :)