Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your Daily Hayes.

We are having such a fun spring. When the weather is nice (and the wind is down) we are spending our time outside. The water table, sandbox, slide.. and okay occassionally my veggie beds are getting broken in again this year. The kids are having such a great time. As an additional bonus, all of this outside play has been causing long afternoon naps. It's a good thing.


Sarah said...

I so feel ya! I love that your kids are always in diapers/underwear outside too :) Jer thinks it's weird; I say it's less laundry! Glad you guys are enjoying some nice weather!

Susan said...

Yep! Between the water table and the sandbox they get so messy. Sarah was going through about 3 outfits a day.. that is just silly!

Anonymous said...

Oh to be a baby Hayes and get to play outside in a diaper..I'm with Sarah...I love it too!!! It's precious! What sweet, irreplaceable memories Sus :)