Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going to the doctor..again.

Life is an adventure. Life with Moses is, well, I don't know if adventure is the right word. More like.. trial and error. With a heck of a lot of laughing mixed in, of course.
So, his cold is gone, thank goodness. He handled it like a trooper. Now we're dealing with some tummy issues. A few weeks ago I stopped nursing Mo, for a million reasons I won't go into, and we have been trying to figure out this formula thing. For starters, formula is gross. It smells bad and I can't imagine it tastes very good. After trying a few different brands Moses decided he liked the most expensive one on the market.. atta boy. So while I now have a formula he will eat, he has become so constipated that he just doesn't have a lot of room in his belly. We have tried Karo syrup, apple juice and prune juice. It has all left me with more questions than answers. How much juice? Do we start solids? How much Karo syrup can the kid have, for Pete's sake?! Since our beloved Dr. Nancy switched practices we made a trip to another doc this week for some help. While he is a wonderful physician, I think because he is not a pediatrician he just gave me some weird advice. So the hunt was on for a pediatrician. They are in short supply in Farmington, so we decided on a group of physicians in Durango. They are the same docs that checked Mo out at the hospital and we have some friends that use them. So we went this morning and it was so wonderful to have someone who works with little people exclusively. Now we have a game plan: a new formula, probiotics and a plan for starting solids. And! Finally! Help with Mo's rash! Yay! This poor kid has sandpaper for skin and it gets so bad on his elbows that the skin actually breaks and gets all weepy. Eww. He could care less but it sure isn't pretty! I have a feeling Mo will be better in no time, and, if he isn't, the ped said to call and we will figure something else out! As Miah would say, "Chee-hoo!"


alex&stacey said...

Okay - rash? We need to chat...I have some info that might help. :0)