Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This just about sums it up!

My sweet baby girl with her brother's basketball - he thought she needed it. And a whole lotta laundry. All that's missing is Moses mashing crackers in the carpet!


Thing have been a little nutty around here. Sarah had become so darn fussy, sometimes screaming and screaming. I couldn't put her down and we were all getting a bit worn out. A friend urged me to call the pediatrician just to check my options (and give me some peace of mind if I had to let her cry for a bit so Moses could get some mama time) and after trying everything they suggested we were still getting no where. A trip to the doc and an rx for Zantac later Sarah has gone from this:

To this:
And even this:
The girl even slept through the night last night! Okay, so we've only got one dose of medication in her, but I think the results have been glorious so far. I guess heartburn or reflux is the culprit. And can I also say that I have such wonderful people around? My sweet husband helps so much with our screaming lady. Jeremiah's Aunt Susie dropped by to help yesterday and was here from 9-6 (!!!), and I even got a great nap out of it. My wonderful mother-in-law cleans my house, buys groceries, plays and plays and plays... Brittany gets me outta the house and Bonnie is willing to just come hang out with us or go to the pediatrician (and even hold Sarah when she gets shots and I freak out). THANK YOU!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little boys.

Big trucks and rocks. Doesn't get much better if you're Moses!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Your Daily Mo... and Sarah

Hey! Look! Sarah's eyes are open and she's not screaming. I really needed to get it recorded so I could remember the moment forever. Doesn't Moses look thrilled to be hanging out with his little sis? You have to admit, though, that the little "kiss" he gives her is pretty sweet!
Thank you all for your comments, fb comments and emails with ideas on how to help Sarah. The Gripe Water actually helped and I have to admit I was surprised. I read this (you'll have to scroll down to read about the Gripe Water) I was hesitant but even the pediatrician recommended it and 20 minutes after I gave it to her the screaming stopped - it was glorious. I really think that forceful letdown and too much milk are what are causing the problems. If anyone out there has this problem you can read ways to help with it here.
The crying is hard and it does seem to be getting worse, but I have hope that it will get better as she grows. Hopefully by around 4 months things will start getting easier. It's hard to see my baby girl in pain and not able to help. It's also hard to balance comforting her with spending time with my son. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband, my mother-in-law and friends like Brittany who help me out and get me out of the house.
It's not all tears and crying over here though! We're eating up the moments when Sarah is happy and she has started smiling and cooing a little bit. I'm relishing those times and ones in the video above!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Daily Mo

Here my little man sits surround by his toys.. and he is playing with rocks. Go figure.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I love gardening.

My baby basil plants will grow up some day = cheap pesto!
Fresh lettuce anytime!
You can grow beautiful things like this on the cheap.
Sigh. I love gardening.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So. When Moses was a wee one he was content to just chill out. Sometimes I would feel guilty because he would be content for such long periods of time with no interaction so I would just let him do his own thing. Sarah, on the other hand, if the girl's eyes are open she is fussy. Sometimes wearing her in the Moby helps, but it is not easy to hold Moses while I'm wearing her (or do dishes, clean, shower...) So to you mama's who have been-there-done-that give me some advice! Is this something she will outgrow? (Umm, when? :)) Is it just part of the first six months "as soon as you think you know what's going on it changes" syndrome?
Can't wait to hear what you all think!

Your Daily Mo

Track star in the making!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How does your garden grow?

The garden is finally starting to do it's thing and it is so fun to watch our veggies grow. I can't wait until Moses and I can go and pick dinner! What fun!
Here are our beans. We've had the same problem with the birds as last year, but the netting is helping.
Lettuce and scallions.
A close up of the basil. They are just so darn cute!
The strawberries and cantaloupe are in the box behind the squash the tomatoes are along the fence.
We will begin harvesting the lettuce this weekend! I can't wait for the first salad.

Sarah Beara

Tummy time!
How mama gets things done. Well, how I get the laundry from point A to point B, anyway.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My babies.

This one is for Nana!!
Sweet big brother.
Checking each other out.
This has been my first week of being alone with the babies and things are going well. Yes, I did cry as soon as I made it to Target yesterday, but I made it! And Brittany let me cry and then bought me a frappuccino. Thank you, Lord, for girlfriends! The tears were nothing that a little nap couldn't get rid of :) Sarah is doing great and is such a fabulous sleeper. She naps well and sleeps 5-9 hours in a row at night - no complaining from this mama! Moses either loves her.. or throws balls at her head. We're working on it... and keeping her out of reach! He has gotten much better at being gentle and giving her kisses. Each day I just feel so blessed that this is my life. There are moment of chaos, but they are getting easier to handle. Anyone else ready for #3? Just kidding :) I think.

Monday, June 7, 2010

One month old!

Sleepy girl.
Doing what she does best!
I can hardly believe she is one month old today. I really don't know where the time has gone. She is starting to stay awake longer and longer during the days but still loves to sleep. She and her brother nap at the same time during the day to give mama a break which has been wonderful! Sarah even sleeps well at night and is easy to get back to sleep most of the time. She handles her brother like a champ, and he is learning how to be gentle and has started giving her kisses on his own. Her eyes are blue just like her daddy's and I can't wait to see what color they decide to stay.
We love you, sweet Sarah-beara and have loved having you as a part of our family.

Thank you Grandpa O and Auntie Pretty!

Moses looks so handsome in his new digs and it's pretty darn cute (I mean manly) when he and his dad wear their matching camo cargo shorts! As soon as Sarah grows into hers I will post a picture! THANK YOU!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Surviving the First Six Weeks Part II

Here are a few things and people that have made this past month wonderful!!

Making sure my little man gets plenty of play time. He prefers it to be outside.
A sweet husband that really likes his kids.
Oh shoot, how did that get in there.
A wonderful mother in law (that is Moses in this picture).
Thank you for all the trips to the grocery store, washing our floors, doing our laundry, playing with our kids, doing our dishes - all of it. You're so darn wonderful!
Thank you for spending a whole week with us, Mom! We sure enjoyed having you!
Look how much fun Moses is having!!
And when all else fails, just have a cup of Joe!

I can't believe that Sarah will be one month old tomorrow. Time is FLYING. Real life begins tomorrow - Jeremiah had to return to work full time at some point! Everyone has gone home and my mother in law is even going to be in Canada for two weeks! Ack! Truth be told I'm excited to give this mom of two thing a go. I'm ready for a little real life!