Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's back...

Morning sickness, that is. I feel like I am right back in the first (and second now that I think of it) trimester. Bummer :( Maybe I will have to go back to the B6 and Unisome. Gosh, I hope not. Lord, help me to have a good attitude!!


Where my desire for a dog springs from...

Meet Baxter, the sweetest dog that has ever graced the planet. He is far away with our friends in Hawaii, and I miss him more than I miss the beach! He surfs, loves to play in the sand, and collects "binks"...stuffed animals.
So, we have decided against adopting a dog until the little guy arrives and we settle into our roles as parents. We also cannot agree on what kind of dog to get. Miah wants a younger white lab while I want an older golden. We will see who wins...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Looks who's eating the cat food! Eek!

Garmin 305...

Guess what I got for my birthday? A Garmin 305 with a footpod accessory. This. is. the. coolest. running. gadget. EVER! It is a GPS for runners, so as I run it links up with satellites to tell me my exact pace and distance, as well as tracking my heartrate and everything. It has so many cool features, like when you get to a stoplight or have to tie your shoe, it automatically stops the timer. It can be set to time your 400m laps on the track and automatically reset itself eat 400m! SO COOL! THEN, when I am done running and get home, it sends the info to my pc where charts, maps, etc are awaiting me. I can even send a map of my run to anyone who needs a new route in the area. How cool?! I am way prego, but I cannot wait to get to Berg Park to give it a whirl!
THANK YOU Miah, Mama Kat, and Cris!

The latest baby gear!

Here is the latest in baby gear, thanks Auntie Al Face!!

Isn't this robe adorable??

This absolutely cracks me up. I will let you all know how it works in coming months :)
No Keek, it is not protective gear for my face!
Please note that it says, "Just say 'No No' to Wee Wee!"

Monday, September 22, 2008


Some say this may just be the worst time to get a dog..but I am not convinced of it. I have fallen in love, via email (those internet romances will get ya!) with this sweet dog. I am praying about whether this sweet boy would be a good addition to our family. Click here to read more about Buddy. Even if we do decide to move forward with the adoption, there is no guarantee that we would get him. I love that rescue centers are so particular about who they give dogs to!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend update.

A few notes on our weekend...

About Saturday's. I thrive on structure, and Monday through Friday I have a plan I stick to. When the weekend comes I am just lost. Saturdays are the worst. I have got to come up with a better Saturday plan. There is no structure at all. It is my day off of exercising and I just end up lounging around the house all day eating leftovers and feeling like a complete slug. It puts me in a very bad mood. Yep, change is needed. On a happier Saturday note, we went to a wedding last night, it was very nice. The couple had eloped and this was the family wedding/reception. Very laid back, with a Hawaiian theme. I was thankful for the Hawaiian theme because my prego body is out of control and I needed the lei to "cover up" with. Sarah, you were right. Just when you think you can't get any bigger, there is an explosion of, well, BIG!!

Today we are painting our bedroom. Basic beige is the color. Jeremiah is in there texturizing right now. I (and by I, I mean my mother in law) made some curtains and I went on a Target shopping spree and purchased new bed clothes and pillows, rugs, etc so it will look very nice.

On another note. I am so darn excited for the upcoming baby showers!! I can't wait to start putting the little guys room together! Is it strange to think I am starting to see a little personality develop in Baby Hayes before he is even born? I don't think so...Kelli mentioned that there was a huge difference in Lins and Al-face before they were born... So anyway I must say he is the sweetest human being I have met hence far, right up there with his daddy. I am absolutely smitten :)

A hui ho!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nearly one year ago today...

September 16, 2007...The Maui Marathon. I can hardly believe that it was over one year ago that we went to Maui so I could lug my body from Queen Kaahumanu Center to the Whaler's Village at Kaanapali some 26.2 miles away. Running a marathon was something I had always wanted to do, and with all the free time I had on my hands while we lived on the tiny island of Molokai I figured, "Why not?" and I was soon the crazy lady that was running all over the island. It was not unusual for me to get up at 4:30am and run from our home in mountains of Kalae and set out for some corner of the island. I would tell Jeremiah when I should be done and he would come and pick me up 10, 15 20 miles plus from where I started. Sounds torturous but I loved it! Race day was hilarious...partly because of what a running nerd I am (see pictures!) and partly because of how much I made my body hurt just for the fun of it! The first half was a breeze, I was just so stoked to be accomplishing my goal. I pasted the halfway mark in just under 2 hours and thought I had a good chance at breaking four hours which would have been huge for me. However, the marathon shuffle hit at around mile 20 and I was just happy to be crossing the finish line in about 4hrs 23min. Gosh those last six miles hurt! Anywho, when I am not so large, as in pregnant, I fully intend to return to this love of mine, running. I do believe there will be more marathons in my future, the only difference is this time my training runs will involve a jogging stroller :)
So for now I am up at the crack of dawn with what I will lovingly call "pregnancy insomnia", but hopefully in the next several months I will be back out there hitting the pavement.

Evidence of what a nerd I am. Yes...that is a water belt.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Warm Welcome!

I would like to welcome myself to the wonderful world of blogging! I am going to try to figure out how to spruce the place up a bit, and while I accomplish that there will be plenty of Hayes updates and insights! Stay tuned.....