Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Activity time part 2

I think we're fighting a losing battle...

Activity time.

This is how our afternoon "activity time" went. This is after I even dressed him, then undressed him, then bathed him...why can't he do this at night??

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A few pictures from the day.

In an attempt to keep the fam updated with daily pics, here ya go!

Moses in his bouncer. I think this counts and buckling him in!

Look, he is actually wearing clothes!!

Aw, what a cute sleeping baby!

Monday, December 29, 2008

This is too funny!

Photo shoot.

The problem with being so cute, is that mom and dad can't stop taking pictures of you :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

So much for that...

Well, seems he is MUCH smarter than we are. He's keeping us on our toes!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A few pictures from the day.

This is not some torture device, we just have a little houdini on our hands. If his hands get lose, watch out! The Swaddle Me is no match for this kid!

Feeding time with Mama.

My little man, all milk drunk.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a good boy.

So, while I recognize that Moses is only 5 days old, we have really been working on establishing some sort of routine with him. The Baby Whisperer says, "Start as you mean to go on." So that is what we have been doing. Working on full feedings (ouch!), setting up nap time and nighttime routines, and also leaving lots of time to just enjoy our sweet boy. It has been a pretty amazing journey so far. Last night he slept for three hours straight! This morning, he was content with just checking out the world for 45 minutes before he dozed off. Right now, he has been asleep for nearly an hour. All this sleep has made his mama a bit more sane and able to enjoy his waking hours. What is neat to me is seeing the progression in both him and Jeremiah and I as parents. It is rewarding to begin the trial and error of parenting and see what works and what doesn't. We were talking this morning, Miah and I, about the joy of shepherding this young life and how, truly, Moses belongs to God and we are being given the privilege of guiding him. What an awesome responsibility!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A quick update and a few pictures...

Sorry that I haven't been better about keeping you all updated with photos! Seems blogging goes by the wayside when you have a new baby! As for a quick update, we are all doing well. My mother-in-law has been a god-send. She cooks, cleans, does the laundry, oh, and did I mention that she sleeps in the babies room on an air mattress from two one, only to get me when Moses needs to eat so that Jeremiah and I can rest? Jeremiah takes the first shift then Kat comes in later. I am up to feed him then I go back to bed. I don't even want to think about what happens when they go back to work in two weeks...
Moses saw the doc today and is almost back to birth weight. He was 8.13 at birth and is now at 8.8. Doc said all looked great. Mo goes back on Saturday for his circumsicion. Don't. Even. Want. To. Think. About. It.
We also saw a breastfeeding consultant yesterday and today. She is AWESOME. SO very, very helpful. I was not prepared for the pain associated with breastfeeding. We have adjusted Mo's latch a bit and now are just working with the engorgement. I really want to make breastfeeding work for as long as I am up for it, so all the extra help is invaluable.
Uncle Gary came up for a visit yesterday and today and my mom and God parents the day before that. It has been good to see them and introduce them to Moses, he is so loved!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Moses David Hayes

Introducing, our sweet little Mo :) He is enjoying Bible time with Daddy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Right out of the shoot!

Baby Hayes has arrived!

Well, after 16 hours of labor, which was worth every second, our son has arrived in the world. He weighed 8lbs 13oz and was 20 inches long. My contractions started at about 7am and were about 3 minutes apart from the get go. I was only 2cm, still, when I arrived. It was a long, hard road! I labored naturally until I got to 8.5cm and seemed to get stuck. That is when I consented, begged would be a better word, for the epidural. What a blessed created of GOD. I feel sooo good about the decision. After less than 30 minutes of pushing our son emerged! I did tear a bit and have some stitches. We have yet to spend time really looking him over and deciding on an appropriate name. I will let you know when we do. I am exhausted, and so ready for sleep. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Time!

I'm thinking today is the day. The contractions are getting closer and closer. Jeremiah is on his way home from work...I will update when I can!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Forty ONE week check-up

Today was the day for the big tests! First, to the Family Birthing Center for about 20 minutes of fetal monitoring. Apparently, I have a little athlete in there and the nurses at the station outside my room were cracking up at all the punching they could hear on my monitor!! He is very healthy and showing no signs of distress. Then, on to the ultrasound. He looked like a little Michelin man in there, very chubby little cheeks! This ultrasound was much different than the one I had at 20 weeks. There was some serious searching that had to be done to find the parts the tech needed to because he is HUGE! Trying to get a glance at his sweet profile was challenging, but getting the chance to see that little shmushed face my heart melted, nonetheless! There was plenty of amniotic fluid (I don't know how there could be enough room in there for him and all that fluid!) and the placenta is still nice and healthy. All checked out perfectly. The ultrasound machine predicted that he weighs about 9lbs. Yeah, you read that right. But, I have watching enough episodes of Birthing Story and Runway Mom's to know you can't always trust what those things say...still...9lbs...whoa.
We finished the parade of appointments with the midwives. Since all the tests went so well I am free to keep on waiting for him to come when he is ready. I do have to go back up to Durango on Friday for another non-stress test and to meet with the midwives. Heidi did want to schedule an induction for next Tuesday at 7:30am, which I consented to only because I will only have to use it if something comes up in between now and then. I do not want to have an induction because I am uncomfortable. The only reason that I will consent is if something is wrong: not enough amniotic fluid, placental insufficiency, etc. It overwhelms me a bit to even be talking about induction. I have read that first time mothers, on average, have their babies at 41 weeks and 1 day. Another study said that 42 weeks is the norm. All the tests say that everything is okay, so why even talk about induction? They are NOT risk free. Pitocin and cervadil do have risks...anyway, I will save you all from a rant on that subject. Anyway, we finished off the appointment with another sweeping of the membranes, so much fun, and found I am still at 2cm and 60% effaced. That is rather disappointing because carrying this kid around is not pain free and I thought for sure all that "ouch" was doing something!! of the only at home remedies that I have not tried that may induce labor is castor oil. I may try that in the morning. It will be fairly unpleasant, but all this talk about induction makes me nervous so it is worth considering.
Some say that spicy food will help, so tonight we went to Boon's Thai and I had the spiciest red curry I have ever attempted to eat. Holy smokes, it was SPICY, but soooo good!
Thank you all for joining in the anticipation with us. Once Baby Hayes is here, this will all be a memory. We can't wait to meet him face to face :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Jesus?

Today we had a luncheon after Community Bible Study. One of the little boys that was there, Ben, has been quite interested in my belly. He is about three years old. Today he was sitting across from me eating lunch and asked if I still had a baby in my belly. "I sure do!" I told him. Then he started thinking and asked, "Do you have baby Jesus in your belly?" I was sorry to disappoint him, but I had to say no! Ha ha!


I was hoping this picture would capture how hard it's snowing here, but no luck! I've been walking around singing, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" And then I start thinking about that big hill on the way into Durango and I start having second thoughts!! Jeremiah and I have been playing a lot of Mario Kart lately (gotta love the Wii) and we have decided we will just try to pretend like we're in the game when we're driving the 43 miles to the hospital. Mii will be having contractions! Ha ha ha!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Long before my due date I tried to repeat to myself, "Two weeks late is right on time." I don't know what happened to that mantra on December 11th, but I seem to have my wits about me again. It just took a few days. There is something about going past that "Due Date" (music playing in the background when those words are uttered) that is enough to make any pregnant woman go a little nuts. This morning when I was complaining, um, praying, the Lord reminded me of Psalm 139:16: "Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Thy book they were all written, The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them." Baby Hayes' days are pre-ordained! I haven't messed something up and caused him to not want to come out (yes..this has been a serious concern of mine!) and it's not some stress that I am carrying around that is preventing my body from doing what it needs to in order to birth this baby! His days are already decided and I am just waiting on the Lord's plan to unfold. Now, that is something I can get behind!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

40 Week Check-Up

Today I met with Heidi. I really enjoyed my time with her and am glad we had a chance to chat a bit. I was unsure of her after our first meeting, but after today I feel really comfortable with her.
So, the nitty gritty. Nothing has changed from the last two appointments. I am still at 2cm and 60% effaced. There are no "signs" that labor will happen anytime soon. She did strip my membranes (nice, huh?) and that can sometimes get things going...sometimes not. Baby Hayes hasn't dropped yet. However, Heidi says that doesn't mean much and that I could still go into labor tonight, if my son chose it! Isn't that great? All that information doesn't mean a darn thing! Ha!
Sooo, if next Wednesday rolls around and still no baby I will go up to Durango to the Family Birthing Center for 30 minutes of fetal monitoring. Then for an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels, etc. Then to meet with the midwife to assess what's going on. If all is well, they will let me go one more week after that but they don't like to let woman go more than two weeks past their due date. I do not want to be induced, so I am hoping that my body will do what it needs to whenever the baby is ready to come. Tomorrow is a full moon, so maybe that will be the trigger that's needed!
I am pretty worn out because I haven't been sleeping well. On top of having to go to the bathroom every couple of hours I have a nasty cough that has been keeping me up. I went and got some cough medicine that Heidi gave the okay on and am going to try that. She also suggested I take a sleep aid and try to get as much sleep as possible in the coming days. So now that everyone has an update, I am off to bed!

Baby Blankets!

Jeremiah and I both have blankets that we loved when we were younger. My love affair with my "pink blanket" ended when I was nineteen (that's "younger", right?) when Auntie Sue's dog, Daisy, ate it! It was very traumatic. Turns out my mom kept my blanket and now that I need all the help I can get to get propped up at night, my shredded baby blanket has been put to good use again. Not kidding, I sleep with my shredded baby blanket every night!

Well, when we found out we were pregnant, my mother-in-law got the idea to re-create Jeremiah's baby blanket for Baby Hayes. We pieced it back together and figured out what we needed (she was kind enough to let me help). And, voila!, here is the recreation! Perhaps down the line we can bring my pink blanket back to life!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10

Well, it looks like the big due date is going to come and go without a bang. Bummer. Tonight we went out to eat at a new Italian restaurant in town. When we were at dinner I remembered a picture of my mom that was taken the day I was due. I always liked looking at it as a kid. So, here is one of me. Come on, Baby Hayes, let's get crackin'!

By the way, I was born a day late. I think Mom went into labor around noon and I was born at about 4:30pm. Let's send some of those vibes my way!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MY ducks!

Feeding the ducks at Berg Park is one of my favorite things to do. I have a huge bag of wild life feed in the back of my car and little baggies to stock up and take with my on my walks. It is good in so many ways: I get outside for some fresh air, I get some exercise, and I get to see MY ducks! The geese are migrating right now, so they get in on the fun, too.

This is my favorite area to feed the ducks, there are only a few of them back here and it's like it's our secret place - I'm a nut, I know!

Nothing new..

It may be silly to post a blog just to say that nothing is happening, but that is what I'm doing! I'm just waiting around for this little guy to make his big entrance into the world. I woke up every hour or so last night with some pretty intense "cramping", not quite what would consider a "contraction" though. Not that I have much experience with contractions! They were strong enough to keep waking me up, though, so at about 2:30am I got up and walked around. Nothing really happened so I went back to bed and only woke up one more time.
I still haven't got to the point where I am miserable. I am still doing life: all my exercise classes that I love, shopping, cleaning, etc. A few women have said that I have to get miserable before he comes so that labor seems worth it - I sure hope they are wrong! I am thinking it will be worth it no matter what :), but I understand their point.
I am hoping that I will be able to hop on here and leave a note saying that we are headed to the hospital, just to keep everyone in the loop. Please keep us in your prayers!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Now, that was nice!

This morning I had my prenatal massage with Jeremiah's sweet cousin, Amber. She poked all the meridians that are supposed to help get labor going. It was very nice and relaxing. Well, I almost threw up on her once, but that is just par for the course when Susan is prego! She got me some water and a peppermint and turned the fan on me (perhaps I got too hot??) and it was smooth sailing the rest of the time! Amber showed Juliann, who did my pedicure afterwards, where to massage on my feet as well. So now I am all lotioned up, have pretty feet and am REALLY READY to meet my son! I chose a fun, festive red because having my first born son is a rather exciting occasion, I think. I even have a jeweled flower on two toes :) I'm sure this is just what Baby Hayes has been waiting for!
Come on, Son, we're ready to meet you!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

39 Week Check-Up!

Today I met with Amy. This blog will be rather boring because, well, my appointment was rather boring. I am still at 2cm, my cervix is thinner than last week (I, however, am not) and while he could come at any time there are no signs that BH arrival is imminent.
I did receive the results of my biometric screening, apparently I am overweight with high cholesterol :) No, not really, just very pregnant. All the numbers are just right for someone who is nine months prego. We will see what they (Jeremiah's company and our insurance) say! I have been trying to walk in the afternoons and have been drinking the Raspberry Leaf Tea, but I'm not feeling fed up with pregnancy yet. I think this sweet little person will come whenever he is good and ready!
As an update, thank you for the prayers that Jeremiah and my mother-in-law would get better, they are almost over the cold. I am just starting to get it but am trying to stay healthy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One of my favorite things....

Synergy Kombucha!
These things are awesome! You can buy them at the health food store and run about $3.29 a bottle. I try to drink half of one everyday. They take a little getting used to, but once you're hooked there is no going back!! I think I may try making my own Kombucha at home, it would have to be cheaper than stocking up on these things!!

Old habits die hard..

I have started watching the Martha Stewart Show again each morning at 8am. Usually while I am getting ready for boot camp, aerobics, or Bible study. Today, Martha was shaking up a cranberry cocktail and the top came off and went all over her an her guest. It was awesome. I am not relishing in her embarrassment, just in the fact that she does silly things like I do :)

On another note, Jeremiah is coming down with a nasty cold. He is loading up on Zycam and Airborne, in addition to the other things you do to get a cold to go away. Please pray that he gets well soon and that I don't get it! If I go into labor with a cold I will have to wear a mask and gloves when the little person comes. Not quite how I pictured it in my mind!!

PS - Martha also cursed and burnt the sticky buns! Yay!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Excuse me?

So, today I was at Walgreen's purchasing some Zycam for Jeremiah. While I was checking out, the cashier asked when my baby was due. When I told her next Wednesday she blurted out, "Well, are you dilating?" I suddenly became very aware of the large line that had formed and that they were ALL looking at me! "Uh, yeah, I'm at a two.." was all I could reply and I took my Zycam and high tailed it outta there! Since when did my, well, um...when did it become okay for any Joe Shmo to ask that? Hmmm..
Anyway, here is the latest prego pic. I almost didn't post it because I look so darn exhausted, but then I thought, "Hey, that's being 9 months pregnant!!"