Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Updates on #1 and #2.

I have a #1 and a #2, there is something about that that just makes me smile. It's starting to settle in... I am really pregnant. I am really going to have another little baby. It's not so overwhelming anymore. I'm thrilled!
First of all, Moses had a well baby check up. It was supposed to be at 9 months, but we have to drive to Durango for our appointments so the pediatrician said I could put it off for a month so I could do my ultrasound and prenatal appointment on the same day. Moses is doing great! He weighed in at 19 pounds 12oz, which put him in the 26th percentile. I know the kid looks like a chunk in the pictures I post here, but he's really not. The doctor's not worried at all, he is gaining weight at a good rate. They did take an iron test, and I am really wondering what the results will be. He eats very high quality solids, but the mainstay of his diet is still milk at this point and he has very little interest in it most days. Sometimes only drinking 2oz or so per feeding. Again, the doctor's not worried, but it does concern me a bit when he won't eat.
Also. The kid is mobile. He is crawling and into everything! Everyday he gets a bit bolder. I think as part of that developmental step naps and bedtime have become a struggle. We have struggled with naps before but bedtime has always been a breeze around here, this is new territory for sure! That said, anytime we travel or when Mo gets sick (all 3 of us have a cold right now) it seems like I have re-teach Mo how to sleep. It is a challenge, but it's worth it!
BUT everyday has been so much fun, I enjoy spending the days with him so much, he is a crack up!
THE MASS IS GONE!! Thank you, Lord! The baby is healthy and they bumped up my due date a few days, May 6th is the new due date and that makes me just under 11 weeks pregnant. I am so, so close to being out of the first trimester!
Here is the little peanut:
This is funny.. my midwife said that she recommends that I don't pick up Moses. Ba ha ha ha!!
AND, another wonderful thing to report is that I have been having good days! As of today I haven't been sick since SUNDAY! There have been close calls, but I am happy to say that I really am feeling better most of the time. I have even been able to keep down some healthy food. I've been trying to have Ezekiel bread with Laughing Cow spread and avocado for breakfast every morning. It gets a ton of nutrition in first thing and I feel good about that. I have even been able to keep down an occasional salad. Next on my agenda: exercise! I have become a pudgy little slug laying on the couch and I am itching to get back out and RUN! I can't wait!


ann said...

When I was getting close to having Luke and Ellie was about 15 months old, my doctor said the same thing. "Try not to pick up any other children." I must have looked at him like he was crazy.

Glad you're almost through with the first trimester!

Sarah said...

Don't cha just love those medical suggestions?! They have our best interest in "mind" but it doesn't exactly line up with REALITY! So happy to hear the mass is gone and that both babies are healthy! Rejoicing with you over a few days of relief, as well! Praying it continues!