Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hayes Happenings

Here is the video, as requested!
This post may be a bit boring for anyone other than family!
My babies are growing too darn fast. Moses has started talking.. constantly.. not saying much of anything I can understand but that doesn't stop him. He and Jeremiah work on learning colors every evening, and it has been so fun to watch him get it. My favorite is "wewwow". He says "bye" and "please" and "piano" and "no" (those are just the newer words). When we get in the car and head towards town he always thinks we are going to Grandma's house and says "Mmmmaa" rather excitedly - this boy loves his Grandma.
Sarah is growing, growing. She's in her 3 month clothes now! It made me sad to put away everything she has outgrown - two boxes full of clothes! She has also become so chatty. She smiles and coos quite a bit. Sometimes she even refuses to eat and just wants to sit and talk with me. She's eating well and weighs over 11 pounds now.
Jeremiah is working like crazy. He's still building the library in Shiprock and working on several jobs in Bloomfield. We're so blessed that he has such a wonderful job - the construction business isn't exactly booming right now! Thank you, Lord!
And as for me - I'm trying to run and work out again. Thanks to my wonderful mil I am able to do so several times a week. I'm excited to someday be able to wear my old clothes again. Man, it sure does go slower the second time around!
We're having such a wonderful summer. The garden is going crazy - the lettuce, herbs and squash are wonderful. The beans and scallions are almost ready and our strawberries just started producing!
Thank you, Lord, for these sweet lazy days of summer...although as a mama of two under two.. I sure don't feel lazy :)