Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready, set, update!

In the midst of all the busyness, we sure have been having a lot of fun around here. We've been so blessed to have friends and family stop in. Our sweet friends, the Taylors, came through this week. We really enjoyed catching up with Aaron and Megan, and Haevyn was such a wonderful helper! Moses loved playing with her and Sarah really enjoyed some snuggle time. You're going to be such a wonderful mama someday, sweet Haevyn!

Auntie Dana stopped by for a visit as well. Moses really loves her - they had a blast. My kiddos are so blessed to have such wonderful people that love them so.

And the little lady has found her hands! It's pretty adorable. Watching her go through all these phases is so different this time around - and she is growing so quickly!

And if anyone out there needs a good belly laugh this morning, this video should do the trick!


Leann said...

WHAT A LAUGH!!! I love how he tries to do the same thing and laughs harder when the bowl was hit:0)
Thanks for that- so sweet!

Sarah said...

Sarah is looking SO much like Mo!! Love the hand picture :) Tiring but sweet days these are, huh?!