Thursday, February 17, 2011

16 weeks.. almost 17!

The midwife push, push, pushes on my tummy. "Susan, you're measuring really big" she says. " Then goes on to ask if I'm having twins.. and for the rest of the appointment referred to the babY and babIES. Ha. Ha. Ho. Ha. No, this isn't some announcement.. just a funny little story. I've had two ultrasounds and I have only seen ONE baby. I mean really, though, what am I going to look like at 40 weeks?!


Sarah said...

I think you look lovely! Made me almost miss having a baby belly. Almost. :) Can't wait to find out who this little one is!

JAMIE said...

with sarah.. you look gorgeous girl... ok i was thinkin boy but now i am not so sure it looks alot like a girl belly.... 23 more weeks and we shall meet this u..