Thursday, April 28, 2011

A trip to the post office.

  1. Get out double stroller.
  2. Set up double stroller.
  3. Put #1 in stroller.
  4. Put #2 in stroller.
  5. Don't forget diaper bag.
  6. Open 2 doors to get into the post office and try not to squish babies in the doors.
  7. Woman slams third door into you. Nice.
  8. Keep babies happy in line. Contemplate standing on your head.
  9. It's my turn. What do I want? Where am I? Be grateful I wrote a LIST. For the post office.
  10. Get what I need and head out.
  11. Open three doors.. again.
  12. Put #1 in the car.
  13. Put #2 in the car.
  14. She screams.
  15. Give her snack.
  16. She throws it.
  17. Give it back to her.
  18. She throws it.
  19. Get snack off the ground and eat it.
  20. Get stroller back in the car.
  21. Get pregnant self back in the car.
  22. Sit in car. Turn on music. Turn on AC.
  23. Smile.


Eric and Jenny Nelson said...

Typical day :) I love it

Sarah said...

Spot on, my friend! Glad you can find and appreciate the humor in these crazy days :)