Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The nursery is done!

The nursery is done! Well.. it has been done for weeks.. and I am just so grateful. I just need to wash the little sweeties clothes and put them away.. and find a place for the rocking chair. I'm pleased with the way it all came together! It is mostly Mo's old furniture and bedding. Yes.. the walls are still blue. If we have a little lady she is just going to have to deal with it until Mama works up the motivation to paint!
Pretty cute, huh?!

I have a feeling I am going to be spending a lot of time sleeping in this bed!

In an attempt to keep Moses from crawling up the bed, Miah taped the cardboard on the ladder. So far it's working!

And just for kicks.. here I am at 29.5 weeks. I'm measuring 2.5 weeks ahead. Did you hear that, little one? Please don't make me wait until August!!


Darcy said...

That is an adorable nursery. So, are Moses and Sarah sharing a bedroom now? I think the idea of the bunk bed for you to sleep in the baby's room is a clever one. I may adopt that for the next baby. Yay for new babies!

Susan said...

Thankfully we have 4 bedrooms. Part of the reason we wanted to have the bunk beds was so we could still have company (and just put the babe in a pack n' play in our room with us).
I am really excited to still be able to sleep separate from Miah, though. At least one of us can be well rested!

Sarah said...

You are too motivated :) Not much longer! Looking forward to finding out who this little sweetie is!

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful Susan! The nursery is lovely too :)

Susan said...

I mean.. sleep separate once the baby comes for a season.. so at least one parent is getting quality sleep. :)
@Sarah - Me too! 3 dreams that we're having a boy now!
@Stacey - Love you, homie.