Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sukka time.

This sukkot we had our homies the Mirabal's over to help build our sukka. My lovely cousin, Dana, came over that day and was nice enough to snap some pictures. Thanks, Roo!

Miah and the kiddos, getting to work.
I was probably inside drinking coffee and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Why yes, that is my son holding the golden mums and wearing the cute, frilly hat. Why do you ask?
Moses and Shep.
Wait. Are they ON the strawberries?! This is what happens when I'm inside drinking coffee.
I kind of adore this picture.
1. Brittany loving on sweet River.
2. I think Stephen is looking at me and wondering why the heck I'm always in my pajama's.
Okay. Probably not. But maybe.
The finished product - thanks for all your help, guys!

Later that week we headed to Albuquerque for a mini family vacation. We stayed with my Godparents we are so grateful for their hospitality - it is no small thing welcoming us into your home! We had a great time. We went to the zoo, Explora, Santa Fe, The St. James Tearoom... the only downside was that there wasn't time to see everyone we love.
Miah and I were so busy wrangling the crew that pictures were low on our list. Here are a couple of the ones we managed to get!
Moses riding the zoo train. My little man LOVES trains and we tried to pack in as many of them as we could.

Miah and two of our littles.

Hannah Grace doing what she does best. She is such a delight - so mellow and is willing to go with the flow.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Sarah said...

Not gonna lie, had to Wiki the sukka/sukkot thing :) Glad you got some fun friend time in! And I LOVE the pic of Mo with the mums!! :)

Susan said...

:) There are so many reasons I love this, but one of them is that it is a great way to teach Mo and Sarah about Biblical stories. It is one thing to read about the Feast of Tabernacles (for example) but now we can show them what a sukka may have looked like and then go through scripture and find all the times sukkas were built, what happened during this feast, etc. The more I learn, the more I love it!