Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snickerdoodles with Nana

My mom came up last week and, being the genius that she is, brought snickerdoodle dough with her. The kids had a blast making them and I had a blast eating them. It worked out for all of us!

The kids are just thinking, "I want to eat the dough..."

Sarah, I can hardly handle how cute you are. Goodness gracious.

Roll in the cinnamon and sugar, take a bite, put on the tray.

Hannah Grace doing what she does best...

Moses was kind enough to make sure there was a picture of mommy. Lawsie.

I have now eaten approximately two dozen cookies. Goodbye forever, pre-pregnancy jeans. Goodbye forever.


Sarah said...

I love me some SnickerDoodles! Come to think of it, there's not a cookie I've met that I haven't liked :/ Yay for Grandma time! Sarah is precious!! Those pigtails! Oh my!