Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The last two days I have been working like crazy to pack up everything we will need for a week in the big city. Yes. It is the big city. I can honestly say after a couple of years on Molokai, then Socorro, then Farmington, then Aztec, that Albuquerque may as well be LA for this girl. The drivers, man, the crazy drivers. But, I digress. I have been packing, cleaning, preparing. Honestly, most days I make it through by the skin of my teeth (just keepin' it real) so to add packing to the list of things to accomplish was more challenging than I had planned. Thanks to Miah, Kat, Aunt Susie, and the Holy Spirit, however, we were on the road this afternoon and all three littles slept the whole way here. Thank you, Jesus.
When we come into town everyone is just so gracious. We are a handful. A mini circus. A loud mini circus because, I mean, we have Sarah and if you know Sarah then you know what I mean. We whip into my godparents lovely home like a tornado with sticky fingers and blonde hair. Or something. We have been here about 5 or 6 hours and so far my sweeties have loved, yelled, eaten, thrown up, cried, cracked up, oh, yeah, and one of them may have written on the couch with pen. Yikes. Through it all my godparents have made us dinner, laughed, over looked transgressions, and just loved on us. Tomorrow my Mama and Auntie Pam will help us navigate the zoo, on Thursday we get to see Bri and her little man at the aquarium, Thursday is Kim McClain (an attraction in her own right) and Carol, THEN MIAH GETS HERE!! and my lovely mil, then we tackle the Warrior Dash (Lord help me), and on Sunday we are Chuck E Cheesing it for Sarah's 2nd birthday. These days, not just Albuquerque days, but all of these days with three little ones are just plain crazy. Those who have been here and walked the road get it. I am so grateful for the family and friends that welcome us in and encourage us. Love one us. Feed us. And HELP us.
Thanks guys. You mean the world to us!