Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parade time in tiny Aztec.

So have any of you been to Aztec? I hear it's quite the tourist attraction. We have our very own McDonald's and a Dollar General! Watch out world! ;) When I heard about the little parade on main street (this was back in June!) I couldn't wait to go. My sweet husband humored me and off we went with our sweet HG (the "big" kids were with Grandma that day). 
Here is Gracie, sharing in my excitement...

I mean really, how cute is this?!

Can you see the joy shining in my face?
"Miah, Miah! Take more pictures!" she would yell.

Oh heavens. How adorable is THIS?!

This picture makes me laugh!

I'm glad Mo wasn't here at this moment.. pretty sure he would have been yelling something about a "chollo wagon". I kid you not. 

This was so, so silly.

What a fun, fun morning! Oh! And did you know the "floats" throw candy?! I'm bringing a bag next year! :)