Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 3 Month Growth Spurt.

That is where I have been. I have been "managing" The 3 Month Growth Spurt. There are growth spurts, and then there is The 3 Month Growth Spurt. Dun, dun, dun... It all started last Wednesday. Moses would cry and cry during and after feedings because Mama just didn't have enough milk for my big, growing boy. That was fun. I knew it was a growth spurt, but the crying was coupled with a rash and a few other things that I can't even remember so Moses and I decided to pay our doctor, Ms. Nancy, a visit. She confirmed the growth spurt. (Really? I needed to pack us up, pay our co-pay, and take Moses around sick people for THAT? I felt like a new mom at that moment.) The rash is nothing (another "duh" moment), and my carpal tunnel that is lingering from pregnancy will go away if I wear this flesh colored wrist brace, which really ups my cool factor. Ms. Nancy also said that, while she recommends waiting for at least one more month to start rice cereal, we could give it a try if I was "going crazy." The following picture was taken about 4 hours later.

It was, obviously, a hit. **Blink**
So, while my favorite site for breastfeeding mom's says that growth spurts usually last 2-3 days, this one is just now beginning to taper off 9 days later. Ms. Nancy warned that this one could last 10-12 days. Ugh.
So, after feeding Moses every two hours and a week and a half of rough nights I am beat.
However, this would be an appropriate time to tell the world, yet again, what a wonderful man I am married to. He has been working like crazy lately, only to come home to an exhausted wife and a fussy son. He jumps right in, lets me (sometimes makes me) sleep and rest and takes care of Moses. I am soo very grateful!