Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making friends.

Being a stay at home mom in a new town can bring many lonely days. The Lord has blessed me, though, with two sweet friends, Brittany and Bonnie. On Tuesday Moses and I went to Bonnie's house to do some yardwork. Moses was camped out with us in the front yard, lathered with sunscreen and lounging out under a big red umbrella. He slept most of the afternoon. He was just too cute for words!
Bonnie has a lovely niece, Bella, who is cute as a button. Bella is about to be a big sister so she was practicing her skills on her new friend "Nosis".
Nosis received many hugs yesterday...

"I think he wants this..."

"I don't think he wants this..."

Standing guard over her new buddy.

Snack time with Nosis.

My exhausted little boy. Making friends is hard work sometimes :)

Thank you, Lord, for days like these! It made me feel like Farmington is becoming home. I am so grateful.