Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're a go!

We have been putting off solids because of Mo's tummy problems. When we went to the pediatrician last week, she suggested mixing the cereal with apple juice because then Mo would be getting the juice to help with the tummy and be starting cereal, which she thought we should be doing. So.. we gave it a go! At first Moses would close his eyes and shake his head.. kinda cute.. but now he downs a whole bowl AND his bottle. What? What happened here?? When did he get big enough for this? And and.. we have our first batch of baby food steaming right now!! That's right folk, Moses will soon be eating solids!! Wowzers.
And, as a side note, his tummy issues have actually started getting better since we started the cereal!


Sarah said...

Absolutely precious! He is so stinking cute!! Glad the tummy issues are resolving and that cereal is a hit! Fun times! Have fun with those diaper changes too :) Yum!