Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How does the garden grow?!

I hope you all aren't too sick of garden photos. I'm just amazed that things are growing! It seems like every seed we planted has produced two plants and each plant is producing multiple fruits! (fruits??) Several weeks ago I was talking with my grandma about the garden. Granny has always had a green thumb and this was her advice: "Darlin', just have faith in yourself and have faith in Gooood" (that would be God with a drawn out Southern drawl. What she really talking about the garden?
The strawberries are finally getting ripe! Next year I am planning on planting dozens and dozens of these . What good does two ripe berries do?

This cucumber was HUGE! The cucumber taste has been so much stronger in these. Sometimes almost bitter.
Butternut squash!

Have a happy Wednesday!


alex&stacey said...

Strawberries off the yum! Weird about the cucumber...any explanation??? I hope you're doing well!