Monday, July 27, 2009

Mesa Verde, again!

Last week we were blessed to have Cris come and stay with us. Meghan and Jacob Black came to visit us on Friday and Saturday, and the Bracht's stopped by for lunch on Sunday. It was so wonderful to see so many old friends! On Saturday we, Cris, and the Black's went to Mesa Verde. I love these kinds of outings! Enjoy the photos!!

The last time we went to Mesa Verde...

This time!!

Mo's favorite place to hangout...

Mo's first picnic. Please take note that they have the same expression on their face!

So.. to bring water, or not to bring water?

Water it is! Dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue, after all.

I just can't get over this place.

Happy family break!

More fun on dad's shoulders!!

We were ALL exhausted at the end of this day!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!