Thursday, September 3, 2009

A quick house update!

I can hardly believe how fast things are coming! It's amazing! The stucco should be complete this weekend and the drywall gets started on Saturday! Our sweet friends, David and Brenda Ohst (Papa and Auntie Pretty), are flying out from the tiny island of Molokai to stay with us for a month or so and help us finish things up. We are SO THRILLED to have them! David is an amazing finish carpenter, we are so blessed to have them help us.
Here is a front view of the house. Getting ready for that stucco!
The bathroom wall! After I got there we decided to switch it around so the door is closer to the wall/window on the right.
Insulation is in!!
And my sweet husband, working away. I am so grateful for how hard he has worked to get this house done quickly.
I am headed out there with Jeremiah this afternoon to help with clean up, getting us all ready for drywall. It may only be sweeping and vacuuming, but I am so glad I get to DO something to help! I guess it is preparation for the days to come :)


alex&stacey said...

A-MAZING!!! I can't get over how quickly everything is moving along Sue!