Sunday, September 13, 2009

What to do?

Morning sickness. Bleh. Yuck. I thought I was going to be in the clear this go round. Not so much. After a weekend spent on the couch and each day worse than the one before I have realized that I have to go back on the Unisome and vitamin B6 if I am going to function at all. So far I am only down a few pounds and have been able to keep down some toast and, of all things, macaroni and cheese, so I think I had better get on the medicine as soon as possible.
AND! Would you look at this guy? We have a mobile creature on our hands! He is trying so hard to crawl, but even though he can't yet he is still all over the place! I think I may have to get out the pack and play on the rough days.
Some of my main concerns are things like how am I going to get the groceries? Leave the house? Do things with Moses? We will soon be adding two more people to this house with only ONE bathroom. What will I do, get sick outside if the bathroom is in use? We have our dear friends arriving today! I know it will all work out and that the important things will get done. I'm just hoping the medicine kicks in quickly and that it works like a charm!


Sarah said...

So, so, sorry :( Morning sickness is yucky.