Monday, May 3, 2010

Hayes Happenings

Pregnancy is Weird
(Warning, this update contains more info than you want to know.)
On Saturday I was standing in the kitchen making lunch and all of a sudden there was "water" all over the floor. Now, friends, just between you and I, I may have peed myself a little during this pregnancy. On occasion. This, however, was different. There was A LOT of water (or whatever). Our company had just left and both Moses and Jeremiah were napping when this happened. At first I was a bit taken back. Then I thought, "Oh man, I'm about to go into labor. This is really happening." I called the midwife; Mary Louise was on call, and she asked if I was still "leaking", but I wasn't. She said that there is another pocket of fluid that sometimes rests above your cervix, about 1 cup, and that if I did not continue to leak and I wasn't having contractions then that ruptured. I had never, ever heard this before. If it wasn't Mary Louise telling me this information I don't know if I would have believed her. And, well, I'm still pregnant so she must have been right. Pregnancy is weird. And a tease.
Our wonderful buddies, Stacey and Alex Paxson, came for a visit this weekend and it was so wonderful to spend time with them and their little people. Thank you guys for coming and distracting me from my lack of labor :) (Also, I forgot to mention that Stacey interviewed me on her blog last week! Click HERE if you're interested!)
Moses and Hope on a blanket ride.
The Back Yard
The good thing about my lack of labor was that we really made some headway on the back yard! We planted the grass seed and laid mulch along the back fence! We weren't able to start on the garden, but since it was supposed to SNOW on Sunday that's not too big of a deal!
The garden is going in the empty lot on the left. In time we will be able to put a swing set and a clothes line to the right of where we're hoping the grass will grow!
We were also able to plant our blueberry bushes and a few grape plants!
And, of course, the cutest little helper on the block!
Thank you, Grandma Kat, for playing with Moses so we could get so much done!
And as for a little Moses update, this guy is loving his cars, trucks, and trains. The sound effects are pretty great, too!!
Happy Monday! May my next update be telling you all about labor with #2!


Lorena said...

Susan, thank you SO much for sharing. That is EXACTLY what happened to me with Keely and I did not know that is what happened until I read your blog. We were in Italy and the water came out but then nothing! At least now I know what happened so thank you for sharing. You sure enlightened me.

Susan said...

Really? Well, it sure makes me feel better to know I'm not alone! So, so weird!!

Sarah said...

You guys are more productive than anyone I've ever met!! It's absolutely crazy how much you two get done! I think you're both nesting! Ha! You're backyard looks amazing! I love that little plot for your garden. I can just see you, next summer, out there with your babies and clothes on the line :)What a nice view too!