Monday, May 17, 2010

Surviving the First Six Weeks.

Someday she is bound to ask me what is going on with her pants...
As these first few weeks unfold I thought I'd share what has helped make the one-to-two transition easier.
  • Having meals prepared and in the freezer has been great. I have a list of what I have on hand on the side of the fridge and cross it off as I use it.
  • I keep a running grocery list. People always ask what they can do and now I know how they can help! I just give them my grocery list :)
  • Miah and I talk out each day the night before. I know what his expectations are, and he knows what I need. We also talked in the weeks before about how we would handle the hospital stay, his paternity leave, etc.
  • Divide and conquer! Jeremiah takes one and I take the other! It works.
  • We divvy up the night, too. We both need a lot of sleep (8-9 hours) and we've found a way to make it work and we are both really rested as a result. Well, as well rested as you can be with a 17 month old and a newborn!
  • I'm easing into being alone with both kiddos. A couple hours here, a few hours there.. it has really been nice to try to figure it out!
  • Chill out on the scheduling, Susan Hayes. Right now I TRY to have her nap in her crib at least once a day and sleep in her crib at night. However, she is pretty fussy from 9pm-12am, but does well in her bouncer during that time so we're going with it. We may need to train her out of it later, but for now Miah and I are both getting a few more hours of sleep and as a result are much happier parents!
More thoughts to come.. what are some things you all did to survive the early days??


TonyaMomma said...

Can I be honest? I can't even hardly remember the early days, they were pretty much a blur, and that was only with one! Props to you Susan, sounds like you're doing a great job! :)