Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Thing have been a little nutty around here. Sarah had become so darn fussy, sometimes screaming and screaming. I couldn't put her down and we were all getting a bit worn out. A friend urged me to call the pediatrician just to check my options (and give me some peace of mind if I had to let her cry for a bit so Moses could get some mama time) and after trying everything they suggested we were still getting no where. A trip to the doc and an rx for Zantac later Sarah has gone from this:

To this:
And even this:
The girl even slept through the night last night! Okay, so we've only got one dose of medication in her, but I think the results have been glorious so far. I guess heartburn or reflux is the culprit. And can I also say that I have such wonderful people around? My sweet husband helps so much with our screaming lady. Jeremiah's Aunt Susie dropped by to help yesterday and was here from 9-6 (!!!), and I even got a great nap out of it. My wonderful mother-in-law cleans my house, buys groceries, plays and plays and plays... Brittany gets me outta the house and Bonnie is willing to just come hang out with us or go to the pediatrician (and even hold Sarah when she gets shots and I freak out). THANK YOU!


TonyaMomma said...

So happy for you guys! I hope know you can get some good rest and enjoy quality time with both your kiddos (without any screaming involved)!