Thursday, June 10, 2010

My babies.

This one is for Nana!!
Sweet big brother.
Checking each other out.
This has been my first week of being alone with the babies and things are going well. Yes, I did cry as soon as I made it to Target yesterday, but I made it! And Brittany let me cry and then bought me a frappuccino. Thank you, Lord, for girlfriends! The tears were nothing that a little nap couldn't get rid of :) Sarah is doing great and is such a fabulous sleeper. She naps well and sleeps 5-9 hours in a row at night - no complaining from this mama! Moses either loves her.. or throws balls at her head. We're working on it... and keeping her out of reach! He has gotten much better at being gentle and giving her kisses. Each day I just feel so blessed that this is my life. There are moment of chaos, but they are getting easier to handle. Anyone else ready for #3? Just kidding :) I think.


Sarah said...

Too sweet! And I say bring on #3 ;)