Monday, November 15, 2010

A little more Molokai.

There were so many wonderful things that happened while we were on vacation that I will probably never be able to cover it all. Blogging time is limited these day, so I will just put up what I can when I can!
I think I said it before, but Moses loved the ocean. He had such a great time playing in the water. The water was pretty calm at Dixie this day so we let him get up on the boogie board. He had a blast! He also had his first big wipe out - but he was a trooper and got right back out there.
I had to get a picture up of this little guy in his aloha outfit. He was just so.darn.cute.
I wish Moses was in this picture! Here is Miah, Sarah and Grandpa Ohst. This is David, the wonderful man that Moses gets his middle name from. We miss you, Grandpa!
Now that winter has really set in here in the four corners, I have really been missing sunny Hawaii! Sigh, until next year ;)