Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Many, many moons ago my grandfather (my dad's dad) spent his summer's on Molokai. He had a condo at Kenanikai and each summer he would go off to Hawaii. His health started to deteriorate around the same time my brother was stationed on Oahu, and so he sent my dad and I to Molokai for a couple of weeks in his place. It was a great vacation. We split our time between Molokai and visiting with my brother Oahu. Fun, fun, fun.
Fast forward a few years and Jeremiah and I were living on Molokai - just a few minutes from Kenanikai resort. When Jeremiah and I first arrived on the island I went and visited the places I had gone to with my dad. It was surreal. It was on that trip with my dad that I first found out that he was sick. He said the doctors had given him about four years.. but I was sixteen then and the reality of those words didn't really sink in. Now to be back at the place that I had shared so many fun memories with my father, but older and wiser and honestly quite healed up from the awfulness of losing him and everything that happened around his death... it was just surreal. I'm really grateful for those early days on Molokai with Jeremiah. God really did something in my heart to heal me up. It was good.
The beach dad and I spent most of our time on.

This trip was special, too. This time I could my take my family to all the places dad and I had gone, and then Jeremiah and I as well. Molokai has a special place in our hearts. I hope we can spend many, many more family vacations there.
Moses' first time at the beach. The little homie was fearless!

So many more pictures and memories to share! More to come.


Lorena said...

You left tears in my eyes Sue. So special and wonderful. Can't wait for more pics.