Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby Hayes

I had an ultrasound this week! This little one is due on July 30th, which probably means he or she won't be making his/her debut until mid-August! The morning sickness is in full swing over here, but we're hanging in and looking forward to, well, it stopping :) I'm trying to avoid the Unisome and B6 this go around - I'm just not sure I can handle all those sleeping pills with two little ones to care for! The Zofran helps for sure, but the side effects are pretty yucky and even while taking it I may get sick 6-7 time a day. The good thing about this time around is that I know it will end (even if it takes another 7 months) and I know just how sweet the reward is at the end!
We love you, little one!


Ann said...

Susan, congrats! And I truly feel your pain. I am so very sorry, but you're right it does come to an end. Although, when you are in the middle of it, the days seem to creep by. So hard to take care of a family, especially little ones who don't understand. I am 13 weeks and am feeling much relief. Not total, but soooo much better than it was. Praying God will grant you strength and endurance! Congrats again.