Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Baby Hayes

We are so, so thrilled to be expecting again. Our little brood is growing, growing and we feel so blessed.. and a tad overwhelmed! I mean, Moses is only going to be about two and a half when the little one arrives. Wowza, three under two and a half. Keep us in your prayers :) We really have no idea when the little one is due, but we have an ultrasound on December 21 (less than three weeks now!) to find out. I keep reminding myself that I don't have to be ready for three yet - one day at a time, Hayes! We are also hoping for an easier pregnancy this time around, and that I can continue to nurse Sarah until she is one - only 5 more months!
Thank you, everyone, for sharing in our joy. Please join us in praying for a healthy first trimester.


Abby said...

I hopped over here from GraceLaced...enjoyed your guest post! And congrats on your pregnancy. Three kiddos under fun!! A lot of work, I'm sure, but they'll all be best buds being that close in age. Hope you start feeling better SOON!