Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh pregnancy.

Well, today I had a pregnancy first. After a weekend of around the clock vomiting my midwife wanted me to go to urgent care for a bag of IV fluids and a dose of medicine given through the IV so it would be sure to work. My wonderful (really, she is the best) mother in law watched the babies and Jeremiah came to take me to the urgent care.
First, can I just say how hard it is to be the mom and wife I want to be (let alone friend, etc.) when I feel this way? I am just over 10 weeks pregnant so I have now been throwing up for 5 weeks straight, and it seems to just be getting worse and worse. There. Have. Been. Tears.
So anyway, we get to the urgent care and I let them know what the midwife wants and they start telling me how they "hope they can start an IV on me, do I have good veins, we don't do many in this small clinic.." WHAT? Not really the best thing to tell a woman that is so desperately wanting relief. Well, one blown vein later the x-ray tech (of all people) was able to get the IV in. One bag of fluids and two doses of phenergan later I was doing better, but was a little loopy. The doctor could not believe I was still nauseous, and I was rather disappointed. I threw up as soon as we got in the car. Lovely, eh? I really wanted to try to eat something so we picked up some Subway on the way home and I ate it and crashed as soon as I walked in the door. I slept for about three hours straight. Now we just hope that I can stay on top of the sickness and not have to get IV's regularly.
Please be praying for my little family. Moses and Sarah need a Mama. Jeremiah needs a wife. I need to survive. Also, would you pray that I could get relief in the middle of the night somehow? I sometimes wake up every two hours to throw up. I'm exhausted.
To end this rather uplifting blog entry (ha), here are some things I am so grateful for.
  • My husband that takes such good care of the babies and I.
  • My wonderful mother in law that is so generous with her time - the biggest gift she could give us right now.
  • Friends that check up on me.
  • God's grace to get through these tough, tough days.


Ann said...

Oh Susan! How absolutely horrible. I am so, so sorry. You're in my prayers!

TonyaMomma said...

Ugh, Susan I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad!! I hope that you feel better soon and can get back to normal! Poor thing! :(