Monday, January 24, 2011

Diaper Rash Cream: The Big Guns

Hello all! A whole lot of life has been happening over here. Jeremiah's dear old grandfather passed away, my grandmother is in the ICU, our dear friend Mary is bravely fighting cancer, and in the midst of it all sweet Moses has had a stomach bug for the past 5 days. Five. Oh man. You may remember, this happened last year, too. We did not go in for IV's this time, thank heavens. I thought I would share our go-to diaper rash cream when things are really bad. You can get a prescription for it, but you can get the ingredients over the counter for the same cost as a $10 copay. All you need is some Ichthammol Ointment and Maximum Strength Desitin.

You can get the Ichthammol from you local pharmacy. It is kept behind the counter, but does not require a prescription.
(Why does blogger do this?)
And a tube of the good ol' standby.
You just put the Desitin in a small dish (that has a lid!) and heat it up for a few seconds, and then add the Ichthammol - which is pretty stinky stuff. We call it engine grease! Make sure the container you mix it in has a lid for storage! We just put it on the rash with a Q-Tip.

Here's to happy hiney's!