Wednesday, May 18, 2011


One of my favorite thing about this phase of the garden is going out and seeing what is growing. It is so fun to spot a seedling popping up through the ground, little fruits ripening on the vine, and other plants I was unsure about seemingly thriving.
My wonderful mil let us transplant a ton of her raspberry bushes. It was a lot harder than I thought! Thankfully quite a few seem to be surviving.
Six tomatoes already!
Gladiolus! I've counted and 98 of the 100 bulbs that we planted are growing!
A lone squash plant...
Now to just wait until everything is in full bloom!


Erin said...

i love to see this progress! wish i had a yard to grow things in. for now, it's apartments season for us.

Sarah said...

Not gonna lie...had to google Gladious. The garden looks great! We're trying snap peas too. Can't wait to see how they turn out!