Friday, June 17, 2011

Hayes Happenings

What's been going on around here:
I have been wanting flowers in the front yard.. leave it to my handsome husband to get the job done! He had a little helper along the way.

Didn't he do awesome? It turns out it's a great time to buy plants, too. Everything was 20% off!

As an added bonus he bought me a peach tree!!

Sweet Sarah playing in the water with Grandma!
We are so glad she is back from Hawaii!

Play, play, play!

I'm really excited about this corn!!

One day short of 34 weeks. Man, this pregnancy is taking forever!
I am swollen. I am exhausted. I'm actually considering an induction.

Happy Weekend!


Dolly Daydream said...

You have really cute children! Good luck with your pregnancy!
And the growth of your peach tree! :)