Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little sneak peak.

31 weeks 5 days!
We had a little scare today so we packed up the kids and headed to the birthing center. After some fetal monitoring, an ultrasound, and some poking and prodding all things checked out okay. I'm so, so grateful that this little sweetie is healthy as can be! Also.. #3 is measuring at 5lbs 5oz.. as in as big as some full term babes. Ha! I say bring it. I love big babies. And epidural's. :)

Here is Moses in my hospital bed. Obviously very concerned about me, ha!


Sarah said...

Way to grow, Momma! Glad things are okay!

Ann said...

Sorry you had a scare, Susan! Glad things are okay. I think you look wonderful. I've had several people ask me if I was having twins. If they would just think before they speak, right? I love big babies too! Luke was 9lbs. 1oz. and you're right-thank goodness for epidurals. I had two with him.