Monday, July 11, 2011

37 weeks. And oh my word.

Here I am at 37 weeks and a couple of days. After I saw this picture I did something no pregnant woman should ever do. I got the measuring tape out. Forty five and a half inches around. That is three and three quarters feet. Around. Join me in a moment of silence. I would like to say that I am happy and glowy. Um, I'm not. I'm exhausted. I'm in pain. I pee constantly. The Braxton Hicks contractions have pulled out all the stops this go around and they are not just a "slight tightening". They hurt. Honestly, with the first two pregnancies I thought pregnant woman were kinda wimpy. It really wasn't that bad. This time, oh this time, I understand. Also, as I sat down to write this post I found the post from when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Sarah. You can read it HERE if you would like. This was what blew me away, though.
37 weeks with #3:

37 weeks with #2:
(I think my exact words when I saw this picture after seeing the above were, "Lord help us all.")

I did see the midwife last week and, thankfully, I am at 1cm. Not a whole lot else to report, but I can say I would like to go into labor next Tuesday right after my cleaning lady leaves. But I'd be cool with today, too.
And some happy gardening news, the gladiolus are finally blooming!!
Ah, sugar snap peas. How I love you.

And just for kicks, here is Moses just about two weeks before Sarah was born!
Now I realize how little he was.. how truly close together these three babies will be!

And because there is just something about a picture of my babies sleeping...


Eric and Jenny Nelson said...

You are in my thoughts daily!! I hope all is going well and I hope your little one makes an appearance soon for your sake. :) Hang in there!!

Leann said...

AHH! Come on little one and GET here! Praying for you. And by the way, you look gorgeous!

One Sassy Mama said...

Susan...I think of you constantly and every morning wake up thinking "is today the day?!" I am praying for you and this new baby. I'm so sorry that you are miserable. I'm sure this is the last thing on your mind...but I've heard that certain activities between husbands & wives (wiggles eyebrows suggestively) can induce labor. I'm just sayin'. ;)

I'm proud of you for getting help with a cleaning lady...(and jealous too! Blessed are you!)