Saturday, July 23, 2011


More and more often I find these two off playing by themselves. Reading books, playing cars, rolling balls back and forth. It is so much fun to watch their friendship develop, and to see how sweet and thoughtful Moses is to his sassy little sister. She really lucked out in the big brother department. He didn't do too shabby, either.


Ann said...

As hard as it is when they're little, and in spite of the fighting that mine get into on a daily, sometimes hourly basis-I find it so rewarding to have siblings close in age. Praying for you and looking forward to hear of baby Hayes #3's arrival!

Sue said...

hi Susan,

i just came across your blog.. you have a wonderful family.. and what got me most exited was that your new baby might be born on my birthday.. :)....

all the best and may the good lord be with you every step of the way.. :)