Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Preschoolers at the Park

Well, we did it. We went to Berg Park. You know, I like doing fun things with my kids, but it is just plain nuts to try to do, um, anything these days. Thanks to Aunt Susie the chaos was contained today, but I honestly considered offering her some chocolate milk and a blanket when we got home. She chased my kids everywhere. Thank you, Aunt Susie!

Look at Mo and Shep holding hands. Little buds.
I'm pretty sure they were looking for ants to feed.

Sarah's phrase of the day: I got 'em. As in, no, do not touch me, I will do this myself. 


This little chickadee had a blast. 
We picnicked, listened to the longest story on ants I have ever heard, fed ants crumbs and ducks corn. We even saw some deer and geese. All in all, success!