Saturday, April 14, 2012

Touch a Truck, Again!

Once again we had a blast at Touch a Truck! While last year the weather was much nicer, there were still plenty of fire trucks (although no school buses, sorry Mo!) so the kids were still pretty happy. Sarah was actually pretty uninterested, but she did manage to score some chips and a purple balloon and that seemed to cheer her up. I mean, really, what are cranes, fire trucks, and wheel loaders in comparison to a purple balloon?!

"Uh, mom, there are balloons hanging from that crane over there and I would really like to cut out this fire truck tour and head on over there, please."

We were smart this year and went during the quiet hour. This seems to suit my little man much better.

We had a blast! And for what it's worth this time last year we were sweating and getting sunburned at Touch a Truck and now it's snowing like crazy outside. I'm glad the prior warm weather did talk me into planting my garden!