Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend update.

A few notes on our weekend...

About Saturday's. I thrive on structure, and Monday through Friday I have a plan I stick to. When the weekend comes I am just lost. Saturdays are the worst. I have got to come up with a better Saturday plan. There is no structure at all. It is my day off of exercising and I just end up lounging around the house all day eating leftovers and feeling like a complete slug. It puts me in a very bad mood. Yep, change is needed. On a happier Saturday note, we went to a wedding last night, it was very nice. The couple had eloped and this was the family wedding/reception. Very laid back, with a Hawaiian theme. I was thankful for the Hawaiian theme because my prego body is out of control and I needed the lei to "cover up" with. Sarah, you were right. Just when you think you can't get any bigger, there is an explosion of, well, BIG!!

Today we are painting our bedroom. Basic beige is the color. Jeremiah is in there texturizing right now. I (and by I, I mean my mother in law) made some curtains and I went on a Target shopping spree and purchased new bed clothes and pillows, rugs, etc so it will look very nice.

On another note. I am so darn excited for the upcoming baby showers!! I can't wait to start putting the little guys room together! Is it strange to think I am starting to see a little personality develop in Baby Hayes before he is even born? I don't think so...Kelli mentioned that there was a huge difference in Lins and Al-face before they were born... So anyway I must say he is the sweetest human being I have met hence far, right up there with his daddy. I am absolutely smitten :)

A hui ho!