Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nearly one year ago today...

September 16, 2007...The Maui Marathon. I can hardly believe that it was over one year ago that we went to Maui so I could lug my body from Queen Kaahumanu Center to the Whaler's Village at Kaanapali some 26.2 miles away. Running a marathon was something I had always wanted to do, and with all the free time I had on my hands while we lived on the tiny island of Molokai I figured, "Why not?" and I was soon the crazy lady that was running all over the island. It was not unusual for me to get up at 4:30am and run from our home in mountains of Kalae and set out for some corner of the island. I would tell Jeremiah when I should be done and he would come and pick me up 10, 15 20 miles plus from where I started. Sounds torturous but I loved it! Race day was hilarious...partly because of what a running nerd I am (see pictures!) and partly because of how much I made my body hurt just for the fun of it! The first half was a breeze, I was just so stoked to be accomplishing my goal. I pasted the halfway mark in just under 2 hours and thought I had a good chance at breaking four hours which would have been huge for me. However, the marathon shuffle hit at around mile 20 and I was just happy to be crossing the finish line in about 4hrs 23min. Gosh those last six miles hurt! Anywho, when I am not so large, as in pregnant, I fully intend to return to this love of mine, running. I do believe there will be more marathons in my future, the only difference is this time my training runs will involve a jogging stroller :)
So for now I am up at the crack of dawn with what I will lovingly call "pregnancy insomnia", but hopefully in the next several months I will be back out there hitting the pavement.

Evidence of what a nerd I am. Yes...that is a water belt.