Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garmin 305...

Guess what I got for my birthday? A Garmin 305 with a footpod accessory. This. is. the. coolest. running. gadget. EVER! It is a GPS for runners, so as I run it links up with satellites to tell me my exact pace and distance, as well as tracking my heartrate and everything. It has so many cool features, like when you get to a stoplight or have to tie your shoe, it automatically stops the timer. It can be set to time your 400m laps on the track and automatically reset itself eat 400m! SO COOL! THEN, when I am done running and get home, it sends the info to my pc where charts, maps, etc are awaiting me. I can even send a map of my run to anyone who needs a new route in the area. How cool?! I am way prego, but I cannot wait to get to Berg Park to give it a whirl!
THANK YOU Miah, Mama Kat, and Cris!