Sunday, August 2, 2009

Foundation and Framing!

Things are really happening with the house. It took my breath away to round the corner today and see our house going up! Wow!

First of all, here is how the boys pass the time...
Thank heaven for the Mirabal's!

All laid out and ready for the foundation!
This is the "garage"..
Moses and daddy standing in our living room!

A full view...
Foundation poured!

And the framing begins!!
Jeremiah working hard.. it was at least 95 degrees!
Another full view!
Amazing what can happen in a weekend!
Moses and I are headed to Albuquerque this week because dad will be working late each night building us a house! What a wonderful husband and father!


Sarah said...

WOW!! You weren't kidding! It'll be done in no time!

The Gilmore's said...

Looks good! Nice corner lot! Let me know if you want to hang out while you're in town. :)

Susan said...

Les! Of course I want to see you! Call me.. or I'll call you!

Crystal said...

How exciting!!! Congrats! It will be done before you know it!