Saturday, August 15, 2009


What else could a girl ask for? Jeremiah came home yesterday at 3:30 and will be home the entire weekend, except for a couple of hours this afternoon to work on our HVAC. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Undoubtedly, Jeremiah is carrying the heavier load with this house building business. He is at his desk each morning around 6:30 and works on 3 jobs, and they may be adding a 4th, until 5 or 5:30. He will oftentimes spend his lunch hour at one of our suppliers working out the kinks or at a meeting at the bank to work through invoices. After work he heads out to the house to work until the sun goes down. The weekend are spent working at the house He's exhausted. Happy and excited, but exhausted. I'm amazed at how upbeat he is. Yes, he is working HARD, but he is loving it. Thank you Lord! This leaves me home alone all day with Moses. I love it, I really do! Something about all the responsibility being on me that really makes me "show up" if you know what I mean. But having Jeremiah home has be wonderful. Not just for me, but for Moses too. He has missed his daddy time.
For those of you who know our story, all our moving about and living situations, you know what a blessing building this home is for us. We (I!!!) are so thrilled to have our own space. I don't care (well I kinda care, ha ha) if we don't have a lick of furniture. The space will be ours and that will be wonderful. But all of this building and planning has got me thinking about where my home really is. In one of my favorite books, Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, one of the main characters sings a hymn about heaven being his fatherland, heaven being his home. In the midst of all this building it has been my prayer that I would remember that heaven is my fatherland, my true home. And while that knowledge settles into my soul, that the words of John would also become mine: He must increase, but I must decrease.
Be blessed, friends!