Thursday, December 10, 2009

The wanderer's.

Now that we are moving into our new home.. with a small kiddo... and another on the way... this move feels much more permanent than others we have gone through. We have traveled here and there, never really bought furniture and never really had a place of our own. This is a big, big move for the Hayes family! I can't help but look back at everywhere we have been and feel so, so blessed by all the friends we have made along the way! Here are some photos of our journey in no particular order!

We lived in Socorro for a bit. While I adore each and every person in the photo I do not care to live there ever again :)
My mil and her sister's and nieces came to Oahu for a visit!!
Sweet Molokai.
Maui day trip! You can do fun things like this when you LIVE IN HAWAII!!
DC to visit Jeremiah's brother and wife!
We climbed down this to get to the leper colony. Yes. There is a leper colony in the United States.
Kayaking out to the "Mok's".. it was hard!
Going to the park with Baxter! Part of our daily routine!
Boys will be boys! We loved living in Kalae!!
Hands down the best part about living on Oahu was the hiking! Phenomenal!
Ahh! Wonderful Molokai!
Sweet Moses...
Us crazy kids hiking out to see the lava.. in the dark.. after a drink (or two).. in a storm...
I ADORE the Big Island!
Getting ready to run my first marathon on the island of Maui!
The view from our condo in Kaneohe!

We are so blessed, and our journey is just beginning!


Lorena said...

What an incredible journey Sue!