Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our little family.

My little baby is turning into a toddler! Thankfully we have another little one on the way to make the transition a bit easier on me.
Not everything has changed, he still cracks us up with how he sleeps!
I don't know why blogger is turning pictures on their side!
He is pulling up on everything! In no time at all he will be walking!!
Doing crafts with Grandma...
His new favorite game. He gets excited when he sees this blanket and crawls over quickly to hop on for a ride!
He is eating more and more new things, and has made the transition from formula to milk with no problem at all! My pocket book is breathing a big sigh of relief! He still loves his blue elephants and we have had to sneak them away for cleaning every now and again, they get yucky pretty quickly. He loves having his back scratched, and snuggles with mama in the chair. He isn't happier than when Grandma is around and he gets non-stop attention!
I have stopped taking Unisome and B6 during the day! I cannot express how excited I am about this! I still take them before bed and an occasional Zofran - this is a big improvement! We are counting down the days until December 15th when we find out if we're having a boy or a girl.
The House
We are waiting with baited breath to hear about our gas line, and hoping it will be installed in the next week. Big news! We got our certificate of occupancy! We are so thrilled, but we can't move in without gas (stove, heat, and hot water depend on it) so we wait. We have started the process of closing on our loan with the bank and it will be done in the next week. We have to get another appraisal and are hoping there is no problem there. The last phase seems to be dragging on and on, we thought for sure we would be in by Thanksgiving. We are trying to head over there each night and get a little cleaning done and tie up lose ends - easier said than done with no heat and Moses! I will upload pictures as soon as we're in!


Sarah said...

Thankful to God for such good news-all the way around! What a crazy/wonderful time in the Hayes' household!