Thursday, December 24, 2009


We bought a new computer. As a result I 1.) feel kinda dumb.. or old.. 2.) have no idea how to upload pictures 3.) my laptop just bit the dust so until I figure things out there will be no photos around here.
I have not really been feeling the sweet baby girl move which I thought was a bit concerning. My midwife has just informed me, however, that I have an anterior and low lying placenta. As a result I cannot feel her kicks as well and I have to have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check the location of the placenta. The placenta is low lying in about 10% of pregnancy's during the second trimester and they usually move to the top of the uterus where the richest blood supply is. IF mine does not move it is called placenta previa or partial previa and we have talk c-section... but let's not until after 28 weeks okay? Deal. Gives me the ebee jeebies.
Moses has been loving, LOVING, these plastic balls that Kelli bought him for his birthday. He rolls them all over the house, sometimes for 30 minutes at a time. THANK YOU!
The house
We are finally settling into the house and a bit of a routine. I was feeling mildly overwhelmed at all of the housework, but I have divided it up by day and that has been working wonderfully. There is talk of hiring someone to help once we get closer to the birth of Baby Girl and after she arrives, but we shall see about that.
Also! Jeremiah has almost finished our dining room table, it is beautiful and I can't wait to show you all!!

Be blessed!