Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello Third Trimester!

Can you believe it?! This pregnancy is flying by! I can hardly believe that in 3 short months we will be welcoming our sweet little girl into this world - it will be here before we know it. In many ways it is a blessing that the first half of pregnancy is so rough for me. I think it makes these last months so much sweeter. I relish all these baby movements and now that I know what it is like to have a newborn I am relishing my sleep, too! And while I do still get sick every now and again.. Moses thinks it's hilarious. He follows me everywhere.. so if I need to get sick it's not long until he is in the bathroom too - CRACKING UP. Yep, if Mom is heaving Moses is laughing. How wrong is that?!
I have been busy prepping this place - our garage is organized, the pantry has been rearranged and we have cleared out the nursery in preparation for decorating. Now I just need to actually decorate (and furnish!) her room and stock up the freezer and I think we will be as ready as we can possibly be.
I have also been talking with Moses about his little sister.. but he so doesn't get it. I'll keep trying!
A baby, Mama? But I am your baby!


Crystal said...

Oh he is so adorable! I think Xander'd be doing the same thing giggling while I got sick, oh well at least he's not worrying about it right? haha

Lorena said...

Oh, thankfully Keely never saw me sick. I used to show her pictures of babies and then talk to her about the baby that was in Mommy's tummy. Not sure if it ever really clicked with her but she loves her brother to pieces now!